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Available in Traditional -non spicy Chimichurri, Chilli Chimichurri and now FIRE Chimichurri for that extra Smokey Heat!

We also sell them in lots of Two! 

Chimichurri is a traditional Argentinian Meat sauce originating from Gaucho's who came up with the delicious marinade to go with their Asado -Argentinian BBQ.
We have kept with tradition and added our own touch to create Sergio's Chimichurri.
Our Chimichurri is a combination of Oil, Vinegar, Herbs and Spices that are  Gluten Free and made to compliment any type of Meat. 
It is such a versatile sauce, that it can be added to any type of food. Use it on Potatoes, Rice, Pizza, Roasts or Avocado on Toast just to name a few!
Chimichurri takes meat  or any other food that you choose to spread it on to another level in flavour!

My Story


Being born in Argentina and growing up in Australia, I was always facinated by the Aussie  BBQ and also by the tradintional Argentinian Asado. 

During family gatherings, I used to help with the BBQing  of the Asado and helped make Chimichurri!

Chimichurri has always been a part of my life, helping me stay connected to Argentina.

I now, would like  to share this part of Argentina with you all!

Embark on a Tasting Journey with the Fire Chimichurri


First you'll taste the tang, the herbs and then the heat!

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Chimichurri Recipes

Chimichurri Pasta with Buffalo Cheese


1. Cook Pasta until Al Dente. 

2. Strain the water, place in a bowl or plate.

3. With a table spoon, spread the Chimichurri all over the pasta and ENJOY! 

* Cheese can be added if desired.

Chimichurri Chicken with Mushrooms & Rice


1. Peel skin off from 6 Chicken Drumsticks.

2. Place Drumsticks in an oven tray and baste the Chimichurri over the Chicken generously with a table spoon. Cook at 220c for  about 60-70mins. Every 15 min (total of 4 times) turn chicken over & baste again.

3. Add Mushrooms half way into the cooking (30min IN) and baste them too.

4. Once finished, take the chicken out of tray and place cooked rice and stir well in the Chimichurri gravy .

5. Place the Chicken, Mushrooms and Rice on a plate/s & ENJOY!

Chimichurri Portobello Mushrooms with Rice


1.  Place the Portobello Mushrooms in the oven tray.

2. Baste the Chimichurri with a table spoon generously over the Mushrooms.

4. Cook in the oven at 200c for a total of 20 mins. At 10 mins in, turn mushrooms over, baste generously again and place back in oven.

 4. Once finished, place cooked rice in the oven tray and stir well in the Chimichurri gravy.

5. Place the Mushrooms and Rice on  plate/s & ENJOY!

The Argentinian Choripan


1. Cook the Chorizo sausage on the BBQ or in a pan if you dont have access to a BBQ.

2. Place the Chorizo in the bread.

3. Spread the Chimichurri generously on the Chorizo & ENJOY!

Chimichurri Roast


1. Place either Chicken, Lamb, Beef or Pork in the oven.

2. Baste the Chimichurri generously over the meat.

3. Half way into the cook, place the potatoes, pumkin, red onions & garlic cloves into the tray and baste the meat and vegtables generously again.

4. Cook at 220c for 80-90 mins in the oven.

5. Serve on a plate/s & ENJOY!

Chimichurri Grilled Prawns


1. Place about 4 Prawns on a Skewer stick.

2. Make about 4-5 Skewers.

3. Place Skewers on the BBQ and grill until slightly charred.

4. Place the cooked prawn skewers on a large plate and marinate them with Chimichurri generously.

5. Serve and ENJOY!

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